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Ukraine TV may be in Belarus' cable networks before year end - ambassador


Belarusians, possibly, will be able to watch a television channel from Ukraine already before the end of this year, Ukraine's Ambassador in Minsk Igor Kizim said on 14 November during a live chat on a Euroradio show. According to Ambassador Kizim, the issue was once again discussed by Aliaksandr Lukashenka and Piotr Poroshenko during their recent meet in Homiel. The presidents reportedly found a positive solution. As of today, all the technical matters have been finalized, and the 'operators are waiting for a go-ahead.' "We have come close to signing a contract. It is basically there," the Ukrainian envoy said.

Ambassador Kizim also told Euroradio that he had met with Belarusian Information Minister Aliaksandr Karlyukevich to discuss the issue. The minister said the delay had been caused by Belarus passing amendments to the media law to come into effect on 1 December. Mr Kizim asked Mr Karlyukevich: "Does it mean the Ukraine TV will be in the cable on 2 December?" "Yes," Minister replied.

"I hope this long story will come to an end by the New Year," Ambassador Kizim said. But he also admits that it may be delayed for a couple of weeks. A Ukrainian TV channel in Belarus is pending, as the Belarus 24 channel has been watched by Ukrainians for quite a long time now.