UCP prepares actions in support of 'euromaidan'

The United Civil Party plans to hold legal actions and asks the local authorities for permit.

The UCP Chairman Anatol Lyabedzka has told Euroradio the following:

"We started filing applications to hold pro-euromaidan actions, in particular, in Homel, Brest, Mahileu, Babruisk."

They plan to hold a rally in Homel but it is unknown whether the local authorities will give their permit for that.

Mass protest actions of the European integration supporters continue in Ukraine. They started when the Ukrainian government postponed signing of the Association Agreement with the EU on the eve of the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius. On the night on November 30 riot police brutally dispersed the 'euromaidan' in the center of Kyiv. In response to that, over 500 thousand people came out to Kyiv streets on Sunday, December 1, and the tent camp was restored in the Independence Square. Today, the Supreme council is considering the issue of pre-term dismissal of the cabinet of ministers while thousands of people are waiting for the parliament's decision nearby.

Photo - ria.ru