Trucks stranded in lines at Belarus-Poland border


Trucks lined up in long queues at the Poland-Belarus border towards the last weekend, with drivers forced to wait for up to 30 hours before entering the territory of Belarus. Poland said the lines were caused by new electronic checkup procedures introduced by the Belarusian customs.

Financial News Agency reports quoting the Polish Radio that the lines built up at the Belastockaja, Babrouniki and Kuzni crossing points. Presently, drivers have to wait for 15-28 hours, but the customs plan to reduce the time of checkups.

Belarus objects to Poland's claims that put the blame on the Belarus-tested check system. This country named the growth of cargo transit through Belarus. The Belarusian Customs said that their officers were doing their job well and that drivers would normally be delayed for not more than 4-5 hours.