Transparent ballot boxes in major cities during presidential elections


In the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus, big cities will have transparent ballot boxes put at the polling stations. This is what the CEC Chairman Lidziya Yarmoshyna told

A number of Belarusian political parties and associations prepared proposals to improve the electoral legislation. Among them was the installation of transparent ballot boxes at the polling stations. According to Yarmoshyna, this issue does not require changes in legislation. It turns out that the CEC recommended that in large cities and in Minsk  transparent ballot boxes were installed. Lidziya Yarmoshyna is not sure that they will be on all sites, but she believes that "there will be a lot".

In a recent interview with Euroradio, the CEC chair complained that schools, which will host majority of polling stations, have no money for transparent ballot boxes. Yarmoshyna also noted that "getting these boxes is not enough to ensure transparency of the elections".

Photo: Euroradio, BELTA