'Chinese workers live at the factory, their superiors live in apartments'


The 20,000 people Dobrush knows little of the spectacular protest held on Thursday by Chinese builders.

"Information about the protests did not reach the outskirts of the city," told Euroradio one of the workers at Dobrush Paper Mill, for which the Chinese are building cardboard plant.

On July 2, the "Dobrush Chinese" got angry about the unpaid wages and set out on foot in a group of two hundred people to Homiel. They reached the regional center "under guard" of police, met with a representative of the Chinese Embassy ​​and were even going to reach Minsk on foot. It was one of the largest protests that have happened in Belarus in recent years.

Even though the visiting Chinese and the workers at the Dobrush paper mill are colleagues, residents of the district center do not bond with Asian migrant workers. The Chinese are living on the territory of the factory, like in a reservation.

"Their territory is separated from ours. We hardly come in contact with them. We see them, when they go from the construction site to the store, and then they quickly come back. But their bosses and translators do not live in the factory. They rent apartments in the center (people call this house the "Chinese wall") and a new nine-storeyed house near the "Porcelain Factory,"  notes the Dobrush Mill worker.

"How are the relations with the Chinese?" asked the perplexed superintendent of one of the Dobrush dormitories. - They walk around in fives, smiling, talking in their own language. We do not understand anything."

The Dobrush Paper Mill staff claim that little is known about the conflict of Chinese builders with their superiors. The accounting staff said that the cardboard plant is being built on turnkey basis entirely by the Chinese.

Recently - in mid-May - the Belarusian TV featured a reportage about the successes in construction. A lot was said about the plant introducing the most modern in the former USSR card production machine, that construction goes according to plan and without any problems. Intelligent-looking company spokesman Jiang Shutsian praised Dobrush, Belarus and Belarusians. And now, after one and a half months the Chinese dissatisfied with unpaid wages have organized a loud protest.

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