There will be no Rock Coronation without blacklisted bands


The organizers of this year's Rock Coronation take a firm stand, saying that bands KRAMA, N.R.M., Neuro Dubel and Palac must be allowed to perform on the stage of the Minsk Concert Hall on January 29. The participation of the 'blacklisted" bands is the main condition for this traditional rock festival to take place, organizer Yury Tsybin told the European Radio for Belarus.

Yury Tsybin: “This year, the only question is whether our rock veterans, our rock kings will be allowed to perform. This is a matter of principle. We do insist that the kings from the previous years participate in the coronation. They did a lot of new things last year, and we must show this on the stage this year”.

According to the organizer,  many things happened in 2007. Allmost all the generals of the Belarusian rock music, including KRAMA, NRM, Neuro Dubel, Lyapis Trubetskoy, J:Mors,  launched their new albums. The jury also picked several fine new bands out of 120 shortlisted groups.

The coronation's organizer has not revealed who is part of the jury, but has admitted that they could be somewhat subjective in the selection process.

Yury Tsybin: “Of course, there is subjectivity, because it is us who suggest what was the most interesting and outstanding in the Belarusian rock music last year".

But he says that the organizers and the jury are able to accept and correct their mistakes. One of the mistakes, says Yury, is that "hard rock" has been represented very little during the coronations. But, band Rasta, the last year's crown winner, paved the way to the coronation for other heavy metal fans.

Band Tarpach is a clear leader among the young teams, but there are at least 5 contenders for the main crown this year.

Yury Tsybin: “It will depend only on the decisions by the members of the jury. I personally like Stasi by Neuro Dubel and KRAMA's new album as well. J;Mors and Lyapis are also strong contenders. The Rock Coronation seems to be very interesting this year”.

Belgazeta's musical observer Tatsyana Zamirouskaya has failed to name any young band that could compete in the Opening of the Year nomination. In her view, the year of 2007 was remarkable for the return of the generals of the Belarusian rock: KRAMA, NRM and Neuro Dubel. Each of the bands created a very interesting album, so the whole ceremony could be devoted to them.

Yury Tsybin has refused to tell the European Radio for Belarus how much the tickets for the Rock Coronation will cost. However, he is confident that there will be many people who will wish to come to the concert.