Terrorists transport Buk missile system which shot down Boeing to Russia


Yesterday, a Boeing 777 of the Malaysia Airlines company was shot down at the height of over 10 thousand meters over Donetsk region. About 300 people died. 

Anton Heraschenko claims that commander of Donetsk terrorists, Moscow native Igor Girkin (Strelkov, aka the Shooter) arrived in Snezhnoye at night to "solve" the situation with the shot passenger jet. "At night, the Buk missile system which conducted the blast-off was transported to the territory of Russia, where it is most likely to be destroyed, the same as the executors who set Putin and Strelkov up - the latter so happily informed about the shot Ukrainian plane An-26." 

The advisor of Ukraine's Interior Minister also informed that the Ukrainian investigation has the information about the terrorists' plans to transport the black boxes of the shot plane to the Russian border "to pass them to their FSB supervisors".