Terrorist group liquidated in special operation in Paris

У прыгарадзе Парыжа ліквідаваная група тэрарыстаў, смяротніца ўзарвала сябе

A special operation was organized in Saint-Denis, a commune in the northern suburbs of Paris, on November 18. A group of terrorists suspected of being connected with November 13 terrorist acts was blocked in a flat there. The French special services seem to have traced the organizer of the recent terrorist acts in Paris – Abdelhamid Abaud, mass media report.

 A female suicide bomber used her suicide belt, RIA Novosti reports. According to other sources, she was shot before she used it. One or two terrorists have been killed by a sniper. Two people suspected of terrorism have been arrested. One more terrorist may still be in one of the flats, BBC reports. Three policemen have been wounded. No official information has been presented yet. The data collected by information agencies is discrepant.

129 people were killed and hundreds were wounded in a series of terrorist acts in Paris on November 13. The terrorist grouping Islamic State assumed responsibility for them.

Photo: AFP