False ‘utility bills’ in Tell the Truth! campaign in Vitsebsk


The distributed bills have the civil campaign Tell the Truth! promotion information at the back of the slip, Vitsebsk People’s News reports.

The leaflets are part of a bigger campaign, deputy head of Tell the Truth Andrei Dzmitryyeu told Euroradio.

Dzmitryyeu: "The action is called No Fleecing. We announced it a while ago. We are conducting a number of events during this action and the Vitsebsk event is one of them... The numbers you called fantastic are just a matter of time. They simply indicate what will happen in the future.”

The public utilities will grow 38% more expensive next year, Dzmitryyeu reminds. He does not think that citizens will be offended by these pseudo rent bills. The leaflets will draw attention and make people think about it, he said.

Activists also addressed MPs during No Fleecing:

Dzmitryyeu: "I have delivered 107 letters (for every MP) today. There are three questions in those letters: Did you vote for the car tax? What were your initiatives aimed at promoting the development of the country’s last year? What are you plans for the coming year?”

Photo: news.vitebsk.cc