You are here workshop shut down over 'national secutiry concerns'

Agents are inspecting a's workshop in Minsk /​, a Minsk-based company that manufactures and sells accessories promoting Belarusian national identity, has been ordered to close a workshop utilized to produce their products, the company's director Pavel Belavus wrote on Facebook. 

On 17 June, police officers and sanitary authority officials from Minsk's Central District Administration arrived at the workshop with the warrant to run an inspection. 

"After the inspection, we have received an order to suspend the production until all the recorded violations are rectified. The document listing two pages of violations leaves nobody a chance to ever implement the requirements and says that our operation "creates threats to national security, harms life and health of the population and environment," Belavus said.

The document was signed by Minsk's Central District chief sanitary doctor A. Siaredzich.

Belavus says his company is thus prevented from meeting thousands of orders from customers who expect PSYCHO3% T-shirts and caps increasingly in demand lately.

Euroradio reported earlier that on 12 June police officers detained a courier who was carrying T-shirts with PSYCHO3% inscriptions to's shop in Minsk and seized over 400 items.

On 15 June, the shop was raided by tax authority agents and officers from the economic crime unit. The law-enforcers seized several accounting documents and threatened the shop with administrative proceedings over the alleged violation when transporting material assets.

Belarus news (in Belarusian/Russian) via Euroradio's Telegram

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