Syarhei Parsyukevіch: I knew about Kazulin’s release and was waiting for mine


Syarhei Parsyukevіch has told ERB that he knew about the release of Alyaksandr Kazulin. According to him, there were TV-sets in Minsk colony #1. It was also possible to get some newspapers. That is why Syarhei Parsyukevich understood everything when he was summoned to the head of the colony.

“I was summoned to the administration by the head of the colony. He announced that I had been released according to a President’s decree. He told me to pack. I was made to leave 20 minuts later. I did not even have time to pack everything”.

Syarhei noted that he had not felt the freedom so far.

“To tell the truth, I still do not really believe it has happened. I am in a battle mood. Everything is okay. It is a beginning of my way”.