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Syarhei Dalidovich raises almost 14k roubles to get ready for Olympics-2018

Syarhei Dalidovich

Belarusian skier Syarhei Dalidovich has raised half the sum he needs to prepare for the Olympics-2018 in 10 days of his crowdfunding campaign. The skier who got fired by the Ministry of Sport after 27 years of work in the national team is trying to raise money to see if his efforts are still needed, Dalidovich told Euroradio. Belarusians are donating money which means that Dalidovich is really needed. His participation in the Olympic Games is becoming real.

Half the money was donated by anonymous sponsors. Donations are accepted here.

What will the money be spent on?


"I am spending money on petrol to get to Raubichy in Belarus,” Syarhei Dalidovich said, “However, the expenses will increase when I start getting ready for the Olympics. There is a fee of 2 thousand dollars that I will need to pay if I go there alone. I will need to spend 75 days in the European Union to take part in FIS competitions and win an Olympic license. The money will be spent on it. There is no need to pay for meals and equipment.”

Belarus roller skiing championship will be held one of these days. Syarhei Dalidovich will take part in his crowning 15km race. Will any of the sportsmen that the Ski Federation is going to send to Pyeongchang leave him behind?