Šustauskas: Impossible to seek political asylum in Belarus without passport


Ex-Mayor of Kaunas Vytautas Šustauskas told it to Euroradio.

Šustauskas: “My passport expired and I received the ID card used in Lithuania and Europe. However, I need a passport to go to Belarus or Russia.”

The politician applied for a “normal” passport in the Lithuanian police before going to the Belarusian Embassy. They promised to make it within 15 days. He has promised to ask for Belarusian citizenship afterwards.

Vytautas Šustauskas mentioned his desire to ask for political asylum in Belarus on August 8. He said that he would write a letter to the Belarusian President. However, the politician confessed that had not written anything to Alyaksandr Lukashenka.  Šustauskas did not explain why the absence of a normal passport was an obstacle either. He also asked Euroradio what could be the Belarusian leader’s opinion about a Lithuanian politician asking for political asylum in Belarus.

Photo: ru.delfi.lt