Students will go to America, BRUY building groups doubt due to crisis


ERB has tried to find out whether the world crisis is going to create obstacles for the summer work of Belarusian students abroad. The deadline for summer work programmes in the USA is due in one month. Organizations responsible for students’ placement set us at ease.

"Unvers" company: Representatives of the US Embassy assured us that they saw no problems about it taking into account that all our students had job-offers (a direct invitation from the employer). That is why we insist that every student should have a job offer to ensure that the person will have at least one job.

“Youth Travel Centre” does not expect the demand for employees to drop a lot.

"Youth Travel Centre": If an employer needed 30 workers last year they may need only 20 or 15 this year. But I do not think that the number of employers has decreased.

However, the BRYU has some doubts about its construction groups. Our young builders may not be needed in Russia because of the crisis.

BRYU: We have not received any information about the possible destination. For example, we are going to conclude a contract with Moscow Region and send an agricultural group there. However, we have no information about construction in remote regions.

Student Slava Huracheuski visited America for the first time last year. He says that wages may be lowered due to the crisis:

Slava: It was rather difficult to get a job last summer because the number of Americans who arrived to the resort was twice lower than usual and the number of students was the same. Some people could not find a job for several weeks and even for a month. The wages were lowered a bit – we made 7 dollars an hour in our small town near the ocean.

However, there is good news too. They say that it is easier to get an American visa now.

Slava: I am collecting documents for this summer and I know that the terms have become better: we are equal to Russians and the first group of students have already received visas. Interestingly, everyone got a visa.

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