Students to be devoid of benefits for train and bus tickets?


The state has decided to get rid of benefits which are the legacy of the Stalin epoch.
Хто Who could expect that benefits for children would be among them! According to the President, all those “unnecessary” and “outdated” benefits were to be cancelled a year ago. But the authorities were not brave enough to do it before the presidential elections. It means nothing is so simple with the cancellation of those Stalin benefits if they could influence the results of the elections…

1st invalid group:
– 50% discount for phone bills (the discount was given to invalids who lived with incapable family members);
– 50% discount for fare in the country from October 1 till May 15 and one trip at any other time;
– free installation of a phone out of turn (or with a discount);
– invalids’ family members will be devoid of the benefit giving them a discount of paying for only 20 square meters of accommodation.
3rd invalid group:
– 50% discount for medicine;
– free tooth replacement.
Handicapped children:
– 50% discount for fare throughout the country;
– yearly compensation for transport services for people having problems with kidneys.

Chernobyl disaster liquidators will be devoid of all benefits.
Handicapped liquidators:
– free prescribed medicine;
– free travelling from home to hospital or rehabilitation centres;
– free travelling across the country once a year;
– people living with working relatives are devoid of the 50% discount for public utilities;
– expenses for caring for lonely invalids will not be compensated;
– paid sick leaves for people caring for invalids during their recovery from illness;
– interest-free loan for building houses and flats and a 50% discount covered by budget money;
– yearly payments for recovery;
– relatives of dead handicapped liquidators will also be deprived of benefits.

Pupils and students:
– 50% discount for fare in city transport;
– 50% discount for travelling across the country from October 1 till June 30 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Internal students will lose the 50% discount for all tickets given out in the period of winter breaks for all week-days from January 1 till the last day of February.
– children under the age of 3 will be deprived of free medicine.

Veterans of labour:
– free medicine for people over the age of 70;
– free tooth replacement;
– 50% discount for fare in city transport.

Former prisoners of fascist camps, prisons and ghetto:
– free prescribed medicine;
– 50% discount for fare in city and suburban transport. Rural area inhabitants will be deprived of the discount in their regions;
– free trip across the country once a year;
– 50% discount for public utilities for invalids and incapable family members living with them;
– 50% discount for phone bills.
People living in the contaminated area:
– free prescribed medicine;
– free boarding at kindergartens and summer schools for children;
– 100% more help to children from poor families;
– 100% payment to parents of sick children if they had to stay with them during their sanatorium-and-spa treatment;
– free meals for pupils and vocational schools and colleges’ students.

People living in the contaminated area having a right to be settled elsewhere:
– deprived of all benefits except free sanatorium-and-spa treatment for children, free trips in suburban and city transport throughout Belarus to the place of recovery and rehabilitation. Benefits for parents having children under the age of 3 will remain 150%.

– 50% discount for medicine;
– free tooth replacement.

War invalids:
– free trips in air, water and auto transport once a year. A 50% discount is introduced;
– family members are deprived of benefits for public utilities.

Almost all invalids will be deprived of a compensation for transport service and petrol.

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