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Stefanovich: ‘Patriots’ may be tortured in jail

Valyantsin Stefanovich. Photo: Ales Piletski

Syarhei Bulba (founder of the White Legion) and ex-presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich have claimed that the people charged in the riot case are tortured in jail. There is no proof since those who have been released are not publicly reporting anything, lawyer from the unregistered human rights centre Viasna Valyantsin Stefanovich said. Nevertheless, rights defenders cannot ignore such signals: they sent a request to Prosecutor General's Office on May 22 asking to conduct an inquiry.

Stefanovich: “We understand that Prosecutor General's Office rarely admits facts of police power abuse but our complaint is an attempt to record the fact. It will be really difficult to prove anything in the future if nobody complains now. They have everything needed to conduct the check-up, find culprits and punish them according to the law.”

Ex-leader of the White Legation Syarhei Bulba (Chyslau) reported the facts of torture. The detained are being beaten and forced to take psychoactive drugs in a KGB prison, Bulba announced. The police tortured member of the Belarusian National Congress Syarhei Kuntsevich with electric shock, ex-presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich claimed.


Check the interview with Valyantsin Stefanovich below: