State monopoly for alcohol import to be introduced in Belarus in 2008


The Belarusian government is going to introduce a state monopoly for alcohol import. The deputy Minister of Trade of Belarus Mihail Sventytski informed about it. According to him, there will be no quotas for the import of alcoholic beverages in 2008. The only special importer will be selected on a competitive basis.

Belarusian companies dealing with alcohol import refuse to comment on it. They are waiting for the official document to appear. The head of one of Minsk companies told ERB:

“I will be able to give comments only after some decision is taken. Something may change. We are working as usual now… This question arose in fish import this year. The state took back its quotas with the help of the Presidents’ Administration”.

Let us remind you that a state monopoly for tobacco was introduced in Belarus this year.