Solidarity action in Warsaw

An exposition took place in the historical centre of Warsaw, at Castle Square. The capital’s inhabitants were celebrating the 16th anniversary of solidarity with Belarus.

The exposition of photos took place in the historical centre of Warsaw, at Castle Square.

The photos demonstrated street actions of Belarusian opposition starting from 19996; there were a number of impressive pictures — for example, a scene when special police troops were beating young people, women and journalists.

The photos aroused a reaction of people living in Minsk:

(Minsk inhabitant): "It’s a shame to see such things happening! I don’t know what I can do for you but I could distribute information about the current situation in Belarus.

I wish I could do something for you, but I don’t know how. Hold on!"

Information materials were distributed during the exposition. Belarusian music forbidden in our country was also playing there.

By the way, the music brought a lot of problems. It takes about a month to get permission to conduct such an action.

Warsaw officials did the impossible and allowed to organize the 2-days exposition.

But the police demanded to see permission for playing music which is not supposed to be given out by any state institution.

After the organizers had explained the problem to the police, they demanded a document saying the organizers did not have to get any permission.

In the end the policeman unbent and there were no more obstacles for the action.

Actions of solidarity have already been taking place in the Polish capital for more than a year.

How long will Warsaw inhabitants be able to see the Belarusian tricolors and expositions and listen to Belarusian music on the 16th day of every month?

The organizer of the action, the head of the “Union in support of democracy in Belarus” Antos Tsyalezhnіkau says:

(A.Tsyalezhnіkau): "I think such actions will be necessary until the situation in Belarus changes.

Until there are no more political prisoners, until Lukashenka’s regime stops to persecute its opponents and until the fate of the missing public and political figures is clear".

Are such actions of any use, especially so far away from Belarus?

(A.Tsyalezhnіkau): "They carry out an informative function for the citizens of the country organizing actions in support of Belarus.

Our neighbours should understand the existing situation.

Moreover, such actions are necessary to unite local Belarusians, to help them feel they are important for the Belarusian nation".

At dusk, the latest film by Yury Hashchavatski “Square” with polish subtitles was shown on a wall of the castle at Castle Square.

The film attracted a lot of spectators.

Yanka Bahushevich from Warsaw. European Radio for Belarus