Solana gives three promises to pro-democracy figures in Minsk

Javier Solana, meeting pro-democracy representatives today in Minsk, outlined EU's further policy towards Belarus, lawyer Alena Tankachova, who was present at the meeting, told the European Radio for Belarus.  According to Tankachova, Solana first of all confirmed that Europe would continue a dialogue with the Belarusian government. At the same time, Europe intends to demand the participation of the official Minsk and the dissenting side in this dialogue.

The high-ranking EU official also stressed the importance of the media freedom and respect for human rights.

Tankachova: Secondly, Mr Solana noted that the issues of the press would remain in the focus of the negotiations. Thirdly, (i think it is extremely important and it was made very clear), this is about the continuation of the systemic monitoring over the respect for human rights in the field of political rights and freedoms. This means the issue of political prisoners, the freedom of assemblies and associations and, I think, the issues of the electoral laws.