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Sepultura frontman’s Belarusian girlfriend: Derrick has a Belarusian soul!

Photo: social networks

Sepultura frontman Derrick Green has a Belarusian ornament symbolizing love, wellbeing and freedom on the cover of his passport. This is a present he received from Belarusian girl Yulya during a concert of metal stars at the club Re:Public in Minsk a few years ago. The musician and the designer of leather accessories got acquainted on that day and fell in love with one another with time.

"I have loved heavy metal since childhood and had been listening to Sepultura for 8 years before that concert,” Yulya is describing the day she met Derrick. “I was selling leather accessories in the club that night and I wanted to present bangles to the concert participants. We talked about nothing and about everything in the world with the musicians because they are very open people.”

Derrick in Minsk. Photo: social networks.

 Yulya gave her address to Derrick and he found her in social networks. A correspondence started. Then they met in different cities. Yuliya visited the musician in Sao Paolo and Derrick Green visited Minsk after the New Year’s Day.

"He wanted to see how we lived here. He is interested in our culture. He asked me what the most popular rock band was in Belarus. I mentioned Pesnyary as the benchmark of Belarusian music. He also asked about our folk songs,” the girl said. “It was very cold during his visit ( -24 degrees Celsius) and he does not like cold weather and snow. That is why we did not go out much. Derrick was wearing very warm clothes, I gave him a warm scarf and one could hardly recognize him even in the metro. He was recognized in Grand Café. We went there many times.”

Yulya can speak a lot about Derrick. She told us to write about him. He is a very cool and open person who always replies to his fans, she noted.

"I am still shocked,” Yulya laughs. “He is like a real Belarusian – he has a Belarusian soul.”

I had the most incredible time with my love, I can't thank you enough!! I feel very fortunate to be together with you. Now it's back to work!!!

Фото опубликовано Derrick Green(@derrickgreenofficial)

Derrick is a vegetarian and it was hard to find good vegetarian food in Minsk. The American musician tasted Belarusian dishes at Yulya’s: he liked potato pancakes, potato varenyky, vegetarian borsch and mushroom soup. Derrick Green bought a T-Shirt “Listen to your country’s music” in Minsk. He wants to buy another one where the name of our country would be written in Cyrillic letters. The T-Shirt has lost its concept because of the English inscription, the musician believes.

Derrick is wearing a T-shirt

Yulya will visit Derrick in Brazil in spring. They are planning to move in together. The couple will most likely live in the USA - the musician’s homeland.


"I will follow him in any case like a Decembrist’s wife,” the girl laughs.

Yulya would like to keep making leather accessories in the future. Derrick is wearing accessories made by his girlfriend: a bangle and a pendant.

Yulya and her hand-made accessories