Sapelka: E-mail offender searched for since last spring


The ex-layer has been retuned guilty of an administrative violation (‘deliberate insults of a person’). Mihail Zhardzetski sent insulting e-mails to his former colleague and curator Pavel Sapelka who became a human rights defender after he had been deprived of his licence. Despite using foul language, Zhardzetski called Sapelka “a public enemy”.

The courts usually considered cases when someone insulted policemen. That is why the case was an exception. Pavel Sapelka told Euroradio:

"This person has been fined for Br650 thousand. Compare it with the other similar fines. I mean the cases when policemen were insulted.”

The police spent an unusual amount of time looking for the offender – the search was started last May and ended in February 2014. Sapelka even had to consult his district police officer as he had never worked with such cases before.