Russians account for over a half of foreign visitors to Belarusian websites


57% of foreigners who browse the Belarusian websites using computers, smart phones and tablets are Russians, according to the research condudcted and recently released by Gemius. Ukrainians keep the second place  with 13%, and users from the U.S. stay are in the third place (6%).

"These data shows that the Internet has no clear distinction between the Belarusian and the Russian markets. A Belarusian page in Russian can function in runet as "their own". This applies particularly to those sites that do not include local content, and any advice or entertainment," says Michal Wenzel, sociologist of the Polish Center for the Study of Democracy at the School of Social Sciences .

The sociologist adds that the reverse happens: Belarusians visit Russian and Ukrainian pages. The analysis shows that Belarusians make 10% of the runet users and 5% of foreigners who visit Ukrainian websites.