Russians disappointed with Lukashenka

Pollsters have found out how the Russians changed their attitute towards Belarus since the recent crises in the relations between the two countries.

According to the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Research, the emotional perception of the Belarusian president has changed the most.

In September last year, the Russians had rather positive than negative feelings about Lukashenka. Today, the ratio has become more balanced. The number of the Russian citizens who treat Lukashenka with respect has dropped from 19 to 15 percent. The number of the Russian admirers of Lukashenka has plummeted down to 1 percent.

More Russians from 28 up to 35 percent said they had no trust in the Belarus president. More than a half of the Russian respondents against 40 percent two years ago believe that if 'an Orange Revolution' was to start in Minsk, their country should better keep out.

The number of those who think that Lukashenka should be backed up in this case has dropped from 24 to 12 percent.