Russian group RESO to invest 150 million euro in construction in Minsk

A Russian group RESO is going to invest about 150 million euro in the construction of business realty in Minsk.
The head of the board of directors of the RESO group Sergei Sarkisov informed about it. According to him, about 100 millions will be used for construction of a business centre and a hotel in Minsk, 25 millions will be used for building a trade centre and about 10 or 15 millions will be allocated for construction of other buildings.

In particular, it may be one or two autoshows, a centre for the “Brolli” and “Alvena” companies and service stations for clients of the companies. Sarkisov also informed that the RESO group was planning to create a mortgage bank in Belarus. The bank will be united with RESO’s insurance business in Belarus.