Yellow Brick Road to spent all earned money to make a video


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Yellow Brick Road collected materials for a live-video for
their song "S.Y.S.T.R.N.R."  during
the last three European tours and festival in the Baltics. The band took a
video-operator to the last such trip, and he filmed special scenes for the
video - back-stages and the festival atmosphere.

The former Yellow Brick Road bass
player Zmitser Khlamau (besides,
he will appear in the video and temporarily substitute the new bassist of the
band Pavel Arlou - editor's office), has told to Euroradio that the material
turned out to be very effective. Several final shots still need to be done to
complete the video, and they initially planned to conduct a

"However, there wasn't any
appropriate cowshed in Minsk, so we chose the club "Saltime"!
 – Zmitser Khlamau says. – We will film the band's
performance onstage. We needed such set scene in additions to the ones that we
have filmed in tours. Besides, I invite everyone to take part in the

The song "S.Y.S.T.R.N.R.",
which the musicians have picked for the video, is a sort of an anthem from the
band's second album "Honeymoon".

"We wanted to put it on screen long
ago, but some unclear circumstances prevented us from doing that".
 – Zmitser Khlamau says.

So, the musicians indeed tried to make a
video for "S.Y.S.T.R.N.R." several
months ago. A graduate of the Academy of Arts became the director, and the
video was supposed to be her diploma work. However, the girl mysteriously
disappeared and the musicians could not get the final variant of the idea.

Zmitser Khlamau: "We even saw a preview of the video!
It was all in graphics. However, we haven't seen or heard anything from that
girl since then and we know nothing about the destiny of this video. However,
it would be great if another version appears, the graphical one! However, I
don't believe that the girl will re-appear and finish her work".

This time, Syarhei Pratasavitski has
become the director, and the studio Malamoute Production, known by the video "I wanna be
 for No comment band, will
produce it.

As for the budget of the video - the
musicians spent all the money that they had earned in the tour.

"This is what the Yellow Brick Road earned at the concerts in Poland,
Lithuania and Latvia - we saved it for the video!"
 - Zmitser Khlamau laughs.

The video "S.Y.S.T.R.N.R." 
is expected to be released in September. The musicians say that they fully
trust the director, so the release date depends only on him.

Zmitser Khlamau: "I can even tell you a secret - I've
been at Syarhei's recently and seen the materials which they filmed and cut
preliminarily. I can tell you I've never seen such live-videos of the
Belarusian musicians - it is done with taste and in European style!"

Let us remind you, shootings of the video
will take place on August 22 in Minsk club "Saltime".