Will Popular Front return $50 to Central Election Commssion?



Vital Makarenka, Belarusian Popular Front candidate in Mahilyou, decided to accept the money for agitation leaflets from CEC although the party did not
recommend it. The district election commission has demanded to return the money
now. But who should return the sum of 436 thousand 800 roubles?

Makaranka: "According to the Electoral Code, the party congress should return
the money. But it is not a legal entity and it has no accounts."

Mikalai Lazavik says that this problem can be
solved easily.

Mikalai Lazavik: "The party congress
is the party's administrative body. If the election campaign is not finished, the party will have to compensate all the expenses."

Deputy head of the BPF Party Ihar Lyalkou
agrees with Lazavik. But the party will take time returning the money.

They will consult lawyers to find out whether
it is possible to avoid paying.

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