Three concerts in Mahileu – about God, TPP and dancing on bones


120409 Kotka Magilev.mp3

A great "triple concert" in the Mahileu club Cuba was a long-expected one. In the first place, by the local fans of Akute, as the band promised to present their new album "Nie isnuje" ("Not Exist"). Also, the city dwellers were supposed to meet the Minsk band Loop of Addiction and the new band called John Dou.

On April 8, both two levels of the club were crowded with people. The event's main organizer Pasha Yaravikou claimed there were 400 people there: "I was surprised how many of our night audience came to the concert. We often play drum'n'base remixes to Akute made by DJ Prizma at our parties. I saw that people were astonished to see "Akute" live".  

As for Euroradio, we were astonished by the new Mahileu talent called John Doe.

The thick guitar sound, the drums, the electronic dubstep licks in the style of The Qemists and Pretty Lights and the strong voice of a youngster called Dzyanis Astapau, who transmitted the rap-prayers "on pain, and fear, and life and death, and God - whether He exists or not?" to the public.

This was just the third concert of the band, and they performed to such a big audience for the first time ever. This was a sudden success.

Katsya, a girl from the audience: "John Doe! I was greatly astonished by their energy and commitment.This was terrific! Mahileu rock rules anyway!"

The "Loop of Addiction" showed what the Minsk rock is capable of. They had just arrived from Homel, a bit tired and underslept, but this did not affect the concert in any way. They came, they played, they got applause.

The local kings Akute closed the concert, as they promised, with the presentation of the new album. However, attentive fans heard not much of the new program.

Vanya and Raman: "We woulldn't call this a presentation. They played only several songs from the new album, and mostly stuck to the good old program".

The fans noticed "a little more of a depressive mood" in the new songs in comparison with the old material and explained this in the following way "2012, the end of the world. Why not?".

Besides, Euroradio and 34mag intend to visit one more Belarusian city with a concert till the end of the world. And this city will be...Brest!

More photos from the concert are available at Euroradio's Facebook page.