Police beat two Bresters for no reason?


The police brutally beat director of the
foreign furniture company "Blackredwhite" Syarhei Rudz and his friend,
writes the newspaper "Vecherniy Brest". The victim says that his family and
friends were holding a christening party on September 15 in one of Brest cafes.
At about 11 at night, he quarreled with a group of men who were standing at the
entrance to the cafe. Suddenly, there appeared 8 policemen without badges and
started beating Syarhei Rudz and his friend. After that, they took them to the
Lenin district police department and made charges on hooliganism and
disobedience to the police against them.  

Syarhei's wife called the ambulance, and both men were sent to hospital after
examination. The victims have brain injuries, chemical burnt of the eyes (after
use of a gas spray can), double nephroptosis. They filed a complaint to the
public prosecution.