Korban: 10 thousand signatures for Kalinowski monument

The campaign "Install a monument to Konstanty Kalinowski in the Belarusian capital" is about to be launched. The civil organization "Alternative" has suggested the initiative.

Its leader Aleh Korban told Euroradio:

"The campaign will start tomorrow, on February 7. We will be collecting Minskers' signatures to install a monument to rebels headed by Konstanty Kalinowski in Minsk."

Signatures will be collected by visiting flats, Korban noted. Activists will tell citizens about Konstanty Kalinowski, his struggle and death.

They are planning to collect at least 10 thousand signatures within 3 or 4 months. They will be sent to Minsk City Council and Minsk City Executive Committee. Officials can chose the exact place for the monument to Kalinowski in Minsk centre, Korban thinks.

Photo by — bymedia.net