Handicapped man beaten badly in Minsk metro (photo, video)


The incident
occurred on January 2, Minsk police report. The handicapped man was accompanied
by his mother. He asked  the young people
to let him sit down but they started swearing at him. When he was leaving, the guys
attacked him and started beating him with their fists and feet. They left the
man on the floor and went out at the station "Victory Square".

The police
are looking for these people and is asking citizens for assistance. The young people's
faces can been seen in the video.

about the hooligans is accepted in Minsk Partisan District Department of the Interior
and by phone: 8 (044) 715-97-95, 8 (029) 870-72-77, 230-34-34, 230-44-40, 8
(029) 356-02-50, 8 (029) 861-05-50.