Former political prisoner died in car crash

Artsiom Hrybkou's widow Sviatlana told Radio Svaboda that her husband had died in a car accident but she did not want to make a lot of noise out of it.

Artsiom Hrybkou was burried at his parental village in Karelichy district.

Artsiom was born on January 6, 1989 in Karelichy. In 2008 he graduated from a vocational school in the same town. He took no part in political parties or movements. By the time of detention, he had worked as a loader at GIPO mall in Minsk.

Hrybkou was first arrested for 10 days for taking part in the December 19, 2010 protests. Then he was arrested again and chartged with taking part in the mass riots. He was sentenced to 4 days in prison and was serving his term in Babriusk colony No 2 before being released on August 13, 2011.