Euroradio music awards 2012 (in pictures+video)

Clover Club are the best in Debut 2012 nomination


Besides, the musicians have got a musical chamber pot in the "No Flush! We did it!" nomination (meaning We have not screwed up) and a special prize - heavy rotation of their upcoming video on A-One TV channel in Ukraine


Pavel Sviardlou announces the Video nomination award...


Youngsters from Minsk-based band V E G E T A B L E S pick the Best Video award for "Baloo" 


Oleg Tikhonov from A-One TV (Ukraine)


Yellow Brick Road get rotation on A-One TV as well


Re1ikt get Expectation of 2013 award


Alexandor Pomidoroff is enjoying his win in the Unrealized Hope or Flight over Metal's Nest nomination


People say around 700 people attended Re:public club on February 1 in Minsk


"Smieccie" (Rubish) by Avias gets Single 2012 award


Dai Darohu! get a special prize from Re:public club for The Wildest Gig


Chiefs Band get a humorous award in Anti Gig 2012 nomination


Euroradio's Arciom Martynovic awards festival


Zmicier Vaiciuskievic greets Dayom Rady crowd in a video uplink. He was picked as The Best Solo Singer of the Year 2012


B:N have not left Dayom Rady festival empty-handed. Their album Krok za Krokam (Step by step) got the biggest number of downloads from Euroradio website.



Picking The Best Album 2012

Euroradio's Ales Pilecki awards Dai Darohu!'s Yura Stylski for their album Through the Sh..


The Best Album of the Year 2012 go to...

Futuremental" by Yellow Brick Road,  "Through the Sh.." by Dai Darohu and "Nie isnuje" (It Does Not Exist) by Akute

Akute in action


Tim Erna gets Euroradio's award for the best future interview with RetroElectro. The band broke up on the next day after the interview


Euroradio's Editor-in-Chief Vital Zybluk congratulates The Best Bands of the Year 2012: Akute


and Dai Darohu!


Dai Darohu! performing


Euroradio has kept The Best Award 2012 for ourselves:)