Election competition: 0.44 opposition members per seat


Euroradio decided to count the opposition members
who are still competing for seats in the Parliament.

The UCP is represented by 38 people, the
BPF Party - by 31, the BSDP (Assembly) - by 11, "Fair World" - by 29.
The campaign "Tell the Truth!"is supporting  13 registered candidates and 40 candidates are
promoting the People's Programme of the movement "For Freedom". There
are 162 representatives of the democratic forces!

The CEC website presents a different number
of opposition candidates - about 117. The mistake can be explained by the fact that
it is difficult to understand what candidate represents this or that political structure.

It turns out that the opposition  election competition was 1.06. These people
could "fill" all the constituencies and even more. Still, democrats competed
with each other in some constituencies.

The United Civil Party and the BPF Party have
asked their candidates to withdraw recently. Thus, there are only 49 representatives
of the democratic forces or 0.44 per one of the 110 available seats now. And they
will still have to compete with each other in some constituencies. That's what the
Belarusian political competition is like.

Photo by: Zmitser Lukashuk