Drug dealer acquitted in Mahilyou (PHOTO)

The story started in September 2010. An Opeal Atsra from Russia was stopped at the check-point "Redzki" near Dubrouna. The driver had been watched for six months.

Over 200 onions were found in the car. There was heroin in plastic bags inside.


The consignment was a record for Belarus - about 28 kilos of the purest heroine. Such drugs are usually "mixed" and the size of the consignment could be multiplied by three - it could make about a million doses  (enough to supply every Minsker with one).

A criminal case was started in connection with "Major illegal drug trafficking by an organized group".

It took about two years to study the case. Two Belarusian citizens (gypsies) were accused. The drug mule, G., (the driver of the Opel) could not avoid punishment.

However, Y. was in charge of the transportation and gave directions by phone. The police think that the gypsies are members of  an international grouping involved in drug trafficking from Middle Asia to Europe. Some other members are expecting trials in Russia now.

The detention of a drug lord in Belarus could be a major hit for drug dealers. But it is not that easy: drug trafficking is tied to dozens of millions of dollars.

The verdict was pronounced by Mahilyou October District Court before the New Year.

 “G. has been sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment in a top security colony. Y. has been returned not guilty due to lack of proof, - said Raman Kastsyuk, the judge. – I cannot report any other details now. G. has appealed the sentence and the prosecutor has appealed against the decision because of the acquittal."

“The court decision will be appealed in the regional court," head of Mahilyou Province Office of the Public Prosecutor Lyudmila Shurpina said.

 Euroradio: Why has the Office of the Public Prosecutor disagreed with the court's decision?

Lyudmila Shurpina: “The court's decision will come into power when the case is considered in court. Then it will be possible to comment on it."

Euroradio will be watching the events connected with this criminal case.