Chernobyl March to repeat Freedom Day itinerary

The steering committee of "Chernobyl Way-2013" has gathered for the first time today, on April 2. Representatives of the United Civil Party, the movement "For Freedom", the steering committee of the BCD, "European Belarus", ten greens and the organization "Ecodom" discussed organizational and technical issues, Anatol Lyabedzka said. The future itinerary was on the agenda.

Anatol Lyabedzka: “We have agreed on the venue – the square in front of the Academy of Sciences. We should use itineraries that will be 99% allowed. If they are allowed at all... Naturally, no one is against finishing the manifestation in Independence Square, but we are realistic. That is why we have chosen the Park of People's Friendship."

The UCP will prepare a special bulletin "Voice of Reason" for Chernobyl Way. Two UCP-TV programmes will be made and a trip to the alienation zone is planned. The other structures will share the rest of the responsibilities.

April 26, the Chernobyl disaster day, will be Friday this year.

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