"Bulbash-Hall" construction suspended only partially?


of the round-table discussion "Protect Kurapaty" about
unacceptability of construction of "Bulbash-Hall" in close proximity
to the crosses in the Kurapaty stove Hanna
receive a sensational reply to their appeal. The
reply is signed by Deputy Minister of Culture Victar Kurash, and says the

"It has been revealed
during the inspection of the construction site that the works are being
conducted partially at the territory of the historical and cultural value.
Moreover, they are doing that without the permission of the Ministry of Culture
[…]. The Ministry of Culture issued a note on suspension of works in the zone
of protection of the historical and cultural value, to
"Belrestinvest" and Minsk city executive committee […]. Renewal of
the works may be possible after bringing the project documents into
correspondence with the executive legal norms".

Meanwhile, there's nothing about suspension of work in the very building of
"Bulbash-Hall", only about the Kurapaty protection zone. This is
because it was the Ministry of Culture which once gave permit for the
construction of "Bulbash-Hall".

Hanna Shaputska has
told in an interview to Euroradio that the people who signed the appeal,
including such respectable public figures as Ihar Kuznyatsou, Syarhei
Khanzhankou, Zmitser Drozd and others asked the Ministry of Culture for a
personal meeting. The officals just ignored their plea.