Withdrawn candidates still on ballots


The electoral commission claims the information came "too late" to change the lists.

The first voting day: you can vote for UCP candidate
Uladzimir Ramanouski in Minsk constituency #99. But he has withdrawn!

Constituency #99: "We received a
letter from the party yesterday evening. The final decision will be made at the
today's meeting”.

The commission would like to know his personal
opinion and suggested that he stay. However, our interlocutor paused for a
while and added that they had already contacted Ramanouski and that he had
confirmed his decision.

Nevertheless, people have been taking part
in the early voting since morning. Uladzimir Ramanouski's name was on ballot papers.
What will happen to such votes? - Euroradio asked.

Constituency #99: “The votes will be kept  as is if he confirms his decision today".

Constituency #105 has managed to receive
information Anatol Lyabedzka's withdrawal in time.

Constituency #105: “The ballot papers will
remain as is. According to the law, we will have to write "withdrawn"
next to his name".

BPF Party leader Alyaksei Yanukevich has
also withdrawn. He brought all the necessary documents to constituency #92 on his

What will happen
to votes if a candidate decides to withdraw on the evening of September 22?

"Votes scored by withdrawn candidates will not be counted or mentioned

Photo by: portalpk.ru