Astapchuk's coach: I'll change my surname from Yafimau to Idiot


It has been informed at the
press-conference on "Astapchuk case" that the
"pre-historical" doping was dusted into Nadzeya Astapchuk's food in
the training camp. By... the sportswoman's coach Alyaksandr Yafimau.


turns out that a respectable Belarusian coach lost his mind! It was no
practical sense to dust doping in Nadzeya's food. Euroradio journalist visited
Raubichy where the doping was allegedly added, and realized that it was not
easy to dust the powder into the sportswoman's food without her knowing it.


called Alyaksandr Yafimau.




Alyaksandr Yafimau: Don't read the Internet or the
newspapers! I would better refrain from comments by now, - the coach says.


Euroradio: Mr. Alyaksandr, they say that
you confessed...


Alyaksandr Yafimau: Aha… (sarcastically - Euroradio)


Euroradio: …I wasn't confident in the
results so I dusted it...


Alyaksandr Yafimau: I will change my surname from Yafimau to
Idiot. I will give you no more comments at this stage.


Euroradio: So you deny that you added
doping to her food? Is it a lie?


Alyaksandr Yafimau: I am not saying I deny anything. I
am just saying that I will change my surname. Let us wait for the decision of
the International Federation and then comment. Then I will say what I said and
what I didn't…


we called Nadzeya Astapchuk and asked whether she knew about her coach's
confessions and whether the coach had ever said anything like that.




Nadzeya Astapchuk: "I
don't know all this yet, I was out of Minsk and I am just coming home..."


your conclusions.


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