Amnesty-2012 - what threats it gives for the people at freedom?


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"Was any of your contacts recently
released under the amnesty as well?" -
 a doctor of one of the regional
tuberculosis dispensaries asked the mother who took her child there to
check for tuberculosis. She did it just in case as there probably were contacts
with a sick person.

Is the amnesty really that dangerous for
the healthy people at freedom? Let us see this year's law "On

free from the penalty ... Disabled people of Groups I or II, as well as those
patients with active tuberculosis assigned to I, II, V "A" or V
"B" groups dispensary. "

a person has an open type of TB, even a short stay with the patient threats a
human’s health. Did the number of people willing to check what was the result
of their meeting with a newly released relative or a neighbor really increased
since the beginning of the amnesty? We asked this question to the Minsk
regional TB dispensary.

The amnesty started, people go out of prisons, and there are quite many people
sick in tuberculosis among them ...

regional TB dispensary:  "Yes, yes! There's up to 90 percent! ..

So, these people return home, healthy people contact them, then find out about
the disease and go check out?

regional TB dispensary: ​​"Adults
do. They are sent to do ex-rays. After that, if a
disease is revealed, they send us contacts of the children, like, this or that
family has children, and then the kids are sent to us. "

of the informational and educational institution "Platform" Andrei Bandarenka denies
the words that "there are 90% sick in tuberculosis". He says that the
number is rather 20%. However, he is convinced that 90% of all patients with TB
got this disease in prisons.

doctors can forcibly pull a patient to the hospital only through the courts. If
he has an open form of the disease, and does not treat it, drinks… Although TB ​​dispensary in Mahileu claims that the
amnesty did not increase the number of people willing to check their health,
the doctors still advise to watch