40 thousand leaflets for boycott and... 30 observers


The UCP and BPF have a simple plan of
boycott - removal of candidates. They "legally" say about this on TV,
and at the pickets. So how do the most ardent boycott adherents put their views
into practice, those who even refused to nominate candidates?

of the Belarusian Christian Democracy convey their boycott moods to the voters
with ... the UCP candidates! For this, they even became their proxies
beforehand. Rymasheuski, for example, is a proxy of candidate Yury

Vital Rymasheuski: "There’s
no word "election"or any other information that it is an electoral
picket. There are only ads of the boycott web-sites and we speak only about
non-participation in the elections."

of the organizing committee of the "Belarusian movement" do their
best when they campaign for boycott. However, this is not much.  

Ivashkevich: "We produce leaflets in accordance with our possibilities and
have distributed around 40 thousand of these special editions of the newspaper.
Well, we will participate in the observation- all 5 days. Something like this
... "

"Belarusian Movement" plan to involve as many as about 30 people in
the observation. The question whether such form of campaigning was effective
bewildered Ivashkevich a little.