20-year-old weightlifter died training in Staiki


“Zhenya complained of some pain in his
chest. The doctor gave him pills and he went to his room to take a rest," one
of Yauhen Shramko's fellow weightlifters said. "He was found dead later,
facedown on the pillow..."

The tragedy occurred in the sports complex
"Staiki" on February 23. Yuahen Shramko was 20 years old and trained
in Minsk sports school of the Olympic reserve in Beruta Street. He took the
fourth position in Belarus Cup in February 2012 and was third at the Belarusian
championship three months later.

But Yauhen's life was not limited to weightlifting
only. He was a student of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis
of the President of the Republic of Belarus . Still, he dreamt of becoming a member
of Belarus national weightlifting team and taking part in the European
championship in April.


“He went to bed and did not wake up. The
autopsy revealed cardiac decomposition in him. Something incomprehensible happened.
I know that he did not smoke or drink alcohol," state weightlifting coach
Mikaial Zaharanka said. "He was not a member of the national team. But the
guy was promising and they thought of taking him to the team but... it is too
late. I have never heard of such a young weightlifter's death."

Relatives and friends parted with Yauhen Shramko
on February 25. Moved by the tragedy, Belarusian weightlifters are posting their
colleague's photos in social networks.

“I do not want to believe it. We
communicated a lot in the past few weeks," Yuliya, participant of the training
session in Staiki, wrote in social networks. "He was a good weightlifter
and a wonderful person with a good sense of humour. If I could make a wish I would
like him to come back. I cannot find words to present my condolences to his parents.
I remember about you."

Tragedies have already occurred in Belarus
national weightlifting team before. World championship medal-winner Syarhei
Lahun died in a car crash in April 2011. One more athlete, Yauhen Zharnasek, was
badly injured then.