Nearly 2000 Belarusian illegal immigrants deported annually from EU


1905 illegal immigrants were deported from the
EU back to Belarus last year. Most Belarusians were deported from Poland and
Lithuania - 1020.

This Poland
and Lithuania's "leadership" can be explained by the fact that Belarusians
go to these states more often that to the other EU states. Interestingly,
Lithuania and Poland are followed by Sweden (325 immigrants, 250 - deported)
and Germany (215 people).

If a person
violates the rules of residence (expired visa or law violations) or if they are
refused asylum and do not want to return home, a decision about their deportation
is taken. In reality, illegal immigrants get sent away.

Guided by the
international legislation and human rights values, the EU is going to make this
process less unpleasant.

Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström: "The decree on
deportation of illegal immigrants prioritizes voluntary return, restricts the
term of detention and respects family life. This document is the starting point
for NGOs and courts in the field of migration."

Belarus deports a similar number of foreigners from its territory every year.
For instance, 2017 people were deported in 2009 and 1004 - in the first half
2012. There are a lot of illegal immigrants trying to enter the territory of the
EU among them. Alyaksandr Lukashenka made a statement in connection with it in September

“The migration
to Europe is terrible. My members of the top brass have told me that they are tired
of catching people with blasting assemblies at the border. We do not have
enough money to catch those who are heading for Europe. I have already warned
Europe than we cannot protect them from all the trash trying to cross our border
at our own expense."

Besides people having expired visas or those
who committed law violations abroad, there are those who are refused asylum and
do not want to return home. It looks like the majority of people deported from the
Netherlands (135) fall into this category.