You are here “Russian World” adherent running for ‘senator’ in Rahachou

Andrei Shyshkin /

Editor of Rahachou district newspaper Svobodnoye Slovo Andrei Shyshkin is full of hatred against Belarusians in social media, appeals for murder and insults, reports. Meanwhile, this person is running for MP in Homel Region. 

Shyshkin was involved in a scandal in 2014. He was posting anti-Belarusian articles on the website of the official edition of the City Executive Committee. Most of the materials were from the Russian propaganda information agency Regnum. The articles contained destructive views on the Belarusian history, language and nation, reports. He stopped reposting the articles after a public outcry in mass media. 

According to, Shyshkin is using the pseudonym of “Ivan Rahachou” on VKontatke now. His posts are mostly reposts of the most aggressive pro-Russia publics: “Fighters (derogatory name used for people supporting the identity of Belarusians) are used sanitary towels”, “Anti-Maidan Belarus”, “Homel is against”, etc. 

The posts are sheer extremist materials aimed at arousing hatred, believes. His page contains insults (and foul language) as well as the propaganda of violence directed at certain special groups (people sharing opposition views), defamation of certain democratic activists (calling names and publishing photos), anti-European, anti-American, anti-Ukrainian and pro-Russia propaganda; it is arousing national hatred against Poles, Jews, Uniates, Catholics; insults the Belarusian language and native speakers of Belarusian; contains distortion of the Belarusian history, the propaganda of its ‘pro-Russia’ version, humiliation of Litvins and Belarusian nobles and historic figures – Kastus Kalinouski and Tadeush Kostuishko (refuting their Belarusian origin), etc.

“Ivan Rahachou’s” account belongs to Andrei Shyshkin since it is registered using the phone number belonging to the future Belarusian ‘senator’, journalists think.