R. Yakauleuskі: Putin’s visit may pose a threat to Belarusian sovereignty


Vladimir Putin is planning to visit Belarus on December 13. The announcement was made by the State Secretary of the Union State Pavel Baradzin. However, the press service of the Russian President has not confirmed the information yet.
According to Baradzin, Putin and Lukashenka will discuss the project of “the Constitutional Act” “in detail”.

What should we expect after Vladimir Putin’s visit? ERB asked an international observer Raman Yakauleuskі about it. He thinks that there is a threat to the Belarusian sovereignty:

“As far as I know, Lukashenka tried to phone Putin many times but he was explicitly refused. It brings a certain intrigue in the meeting that is going to take place in Minsk.

Furthermore, Putin will announce the name of his successor on December 17 or 18. There is a great suspicion that the main topic of the meeting will “the famous” Constitutional Act of the Union State which is a threat to the sovereignty of Belarus”.