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Public-sector enterprises' debt up to $1.6 billion

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The debt of state-owned enterprises in Belarus amounted to 3.2 billion BYN ($1.6 billion) as of 1 January 2018 and creates a threat to the nation's financial stability, reports quoting the analytical report "Financial Stability in the Republic of Belarus in 2017" released by the National Bank.

Their problem assets grew by 0.1 billion BYN last year, accounting for 58% of the banking sector's total problem assets. Besides, there is a significant number of big-size borrowers who are highly unlikely to repay their loans without assistance from the state - this debts accounts for 14% of GDP.

National Bank experts note a drop in the debts of agricultural and industrial enterprises last year. However, the situation deteriorated in the processing sector, with the share of problem assets having grown almost 5% up to 22.6%.