Prosecutor wants to imprison former Belteftekhim top manager for 8 years

The prosecutor has asked to confiscate Volkau’s property and deprive him of the right to occupy administrative positions for 5 years, reports. Volkau is standing trial in Minsk Maskouski District Court.

The manager’s guilt has been proved, the prosecutor claimed during the debate. The top manager of Belneftekhim regularly took bribes for solving problems falling within his competence, the prosecutor said. By the way, several instances of bribery Volkau had been accused of during the preliminary investigation were not confirmed in court.

The prosecutor has also asked the court to take the defendant’s certificate of good conduct.

The former top manager is accused of bribery. Volkau’s property was attached during the preliminary investigation – two flats in Minsk, a garage, a BMW X5, about $100 thousand and other things.

The prosecution also wants to fine Volkau for $10 thousand. It has been announced in court today.