President noticed Tsihanovich’s jammed phonogram

The fact that the phonogram got jammed during the “live” performance of the band “Topless” is being discussed in the Internet. The girls had to try singing without it. The European Radio for Belarus decided to find out how often Belarusian singers used phonograms in their work. By the way, the Ministry of Culture has adopted a law forbidding the use of phonograms during concerts. Otherwise singers will have to inform about it in advance – they will have to bill it.

At the same time the head of the arts department of the Ministry of Culture Mihail Kazlovich could not tell us the name of the law and the exact date when it was adopted.

Mіhaіl Kazlovіch: If I’m not mistaken it must be mentioned in the Law on advertising on or consumer right. Something like that. The law has existed for a long time. I can’t even say when it was adopted.

According to the official, nobody checks if the law is respected. So it depends on singers whether they follow it or not.

ERB wondered how often famous singers used phonograms and asked to recall a funny story connected with it. We managed to phone Inna Afanasyeva first.

Іna Afanasyeva: “At one concert, where all musicians arrived with their mini discs, some singer was taking his disc back and at the same time my disc was accidentally switched off. I was singing at that moment. I always give “live” performances so I just continued singing without the music. When the phonogram was turned on it continued right from the place I was singing. So it was like a live concert”.

The singer confessed she always used phonograms but sang herself. Ina Afanasyeva complained that she could not afford a band of musicians. According to her, the majority of singers work like that. Ina does not pay any attention to those who just “open their mouths”. She says they are singers whose fame if short-lived.  And there are not many of them.

Palina Smolava also told us her phonogram story. She lacks money to keep her own band of musicians.

Palіna Smolava: “I had a solo concert, there was a thunderstorm and the electricity went down three times. After it turned off completely the audience lit candles and we sang my song together”.

Palina was saved because she gives live performances just like Ina Afanasyeva. But unlike her colleague, she says that the majority of Belarusian pop singers use phonograms. She does not blame them for it, she only feels pity for them. She thinks their fame will not live long.

Alyaksandr Tsihanovich also thinks there is nothing bad in phonograms.

Alyaksandr Tsіhanovіch: “There was a funny accident at a concert in the concert hall “Minsk”. We were singing and the phonogram stopped in the middle of the song. We started again and it stopped in the same place. The leader of the country was there. He noticed it first and said: “Oh! The music has stopped. That’s for sure!” When the music stopped for the third time we said: “Let’s give a live performance”. And we sang the song from beginning to end”.

Even “Neuro Dubel” used a phonogram once. Sasha Kulinkovich recalls:

Sasha Kulіnkovіch: “It happened at the first festival “At crossroads of Europe”.  Our drummer had to bring his instruments to the stage while we were being announced but the phonogram started when he was carrying his drums and cymbals”.

Ihar Varashkevich described “Krama”s problems caused by a phonogram.

Іhar Varashkevіch: “We were performing at a beer festival “Babrou” in Babruisk. We had to use a phonogram. The disc was turned on but song got jammed. We started again a few times. There were many drunk people and it seemed they did not understand anything. Fortunately, only several songs were jammed. We stayed there for 40 minutes and then ran away”.

Rock musicians think it is unacceptable to use phonograms at concerts and say they will never do it. It’s a pity it is practically impossible to get to their concerts after they were “black-listed”. There is a choice: you can go to a concert of legal musicians using phonograms or listen to your CD’s at home.