Premiere on Euroradio: Rouble Zone - "Duša Pusteča" (listen)

The Rouble Zone leader Aleh "Jagger" Minakou, who currently lives in Belgium, composed a song "Duša Pusteča" to the lyrics of journalist Ales Silich. This is a sad blues about the dreams that never came true. Let's listen together!
The band Rouble Zone was founded in Minsk by Aleh "Jagger" Minakou after dispersal of the band Inspector in 1993. The musicians stick to blues-rock and English lyrics. The band gained quick popularity. The Rouble Zone became the band of the year at "Rock-Coronation-95". 
In 1996, the RZ released their only album "Put Your Money... Now!". It was composed of 10 English-language songs. Uladzimir Tsesler and Syarhei Voichanka worked on the design.
Soon after that, the Roublе Zone ceased their existence, the musicians left for different countries.
In 2011, the band made a comeback in a classic squad. In the end of May, 2013 the Roublе Zone presented the first song after 16 years of silence - the track called "I Don't Wanna Cry".