Poroshenko: War crosses Ukraine's borders, aggressor shows its real face


The terrorists shot down the Boeing 777 which belonged to the Malaysia Airlines company near the Russian-Ukrainian border. Nearly 300 people died. Petro Poroshenko expressed his condolences to the victims' families and close people. At the same time he underlined that terrorism in Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine was becoming a worldwide problem.

"The war crossed the borders of Ukraine today," UNIAN quotes as Poroshenko says. "The consequences of this war are becoming to trouble the whole world... Sadly, but the tragedy proved once again that terrorism is not a local problem - it should be treated internationally. The external aggression against Ukraine is not just our problem, it threatens Europe's and global security. Overcoming it requires joint efforts. Today, the world saw the real face of the aggressor, as shooting down a peaceful passenger jet is an act of international terrorism, aimed against the whole world. This is the challenge the world faces. Bravery, strong will and unbreakable spirit of the Ukrainian people will inevitably lead us to victory".

The Ukrainian President informed about setting up a state commission to investigate the reasons for the accident. Specialists of the International organization of civil aviation, as well as representatives of Holland, Malaysia and the US will be involved into the commission's work. 

Photo by ria.ru