Political prisoner Arthur Finkevich remains in prison

Political prisoner Arthur Finkevich will appeal his sentence in a higher court, but he will have to spend at least one month in a detention facility, reports Radio Svaboda. Arthur Finkevich on December 20 was sentenced to one and a half years for the violation of internal order while serving his exile term for political grafitti.

Arthur Finkevich is presently being held in the same detention center in Mahilyou where he was kept before the trial. During the 2006 presidential campaign, he was detained for political graffiti and sentenced to two years of exile in the Mahilyou region.

Opposition politician Pavel Sevyarynets says that members of the public need to put all the effort so that Arthur Finkevich is released as soon as possible.

Arthur's mother Maryia Finkevich is very worried about her son's health. On the night before the trial he had to call doctors. During the trial, the judge had to call for an ambulance. After the first aid, Finkevich continued to testify.

Finkevich now has a new lawyer. She has already begun studying his case in order to file a appeal with the Mahilyou City Court.